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    Welcome to the terms and conditions of Fie & Vic. Please read these terms carefully before you place your order. By using this website and/or placing an order, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. We may change these terms from time to time without informing you. These changes will apply to all orders. Once your order is confirmed, we can not change the terms. Every time you use our services, you acknowledge that you have read our terms and conditions and you agree to our terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use our services and products. 

    1. General
    All rights, obligations, specials, orders and agreements that fall under these terms and conditions, and under this condition, are applicable under Dutch Law and Jurisdiction. In the case of translation or explanation of the contents of Fie & Vic's website, the Dutch version of the text in this website and these General Terms and Conditions will remain determinate.

    2. Prices 
    All prices are in euros, including VAT and excluding international shipping costs.

    3. Coupon code
    The validity date of a coupon code is provided in the e-mail in which the code is provided. The coupon is not redeemable for cash.

    4. Shipping costs
    Fie & Vic will add shipping costs to the invoice of the order. 

    5. Payment
    Once an order has been placed, you will directly receive an e-mail to confirm the details of the order and the total costs associated with the order. Each order will be delivered after payment. You are able to make payments electronically in different ways. The differing payment methods are indicated on the website under the title “Payment”.

    6. Delivery
    All orders will be processed and shipped within 2 business days after payment. When difficulties arise, technical failures occur it will be a case of 'force majeure' and the order will be shipped as soon as possible. Fie & Vic keeps you informed by e-mail. All clothing is in stock. If, however, it occurs that an item is temporarily out of stock you will be immediately informed. The product must be delivered no later than 30 days to the consumer. If not, you can undo your purchase immediately. This does not apply if the parties have agreed on a delivery date. Fie & Vic is not liable for exceeding this delivery time or any loss or damage caused by TNT Post. When damage is done to the packaging upon delivery you should contact  Fie & Vic before opening the package. 

    7. Returns
    Fie & Vic does everything to deliver a perfect product to you. If you are unsatisfied with your order, you can return the product within 7 calendar days after placing the order on our website. Fie & Vic must be informed about the return by e-mail beforehand. This guarantee does not comply if the article has been warn or washed, or if the consumer has attempted to mend or alter the article in any way. Return articles will only be accepted if it is sent in the original, undamaged wrapping and the labels are still attached to the merchandise. Furthermore, the shipping costs of the returned merchandise will be entirely paid for by the consumer.  If the return instructions have been followed accurately, Fie & Vic will reimburse the consumer for the returned article(s) within thirty days after receiving it.

    8. Liability
    All items sold by Fie & Vic have been produced with the greatest care. Fie & Vic cannot assume any liability for damages in any form whatsoever, either physical, material or immaterial, that is caused by malfunctioning or wrong use of the items sold by Fie & Vic. The content of the website has been compiled with the greatest care. However, Fie & Vic cannot preclude the possibility of any error or incompletes in the information on this website. Fie & Vic cannot assume any liability for the consequences of incorrect or incomplete information on the website. Fie & Vic cannot be held responsible for any typing or misprinting errors that could communicate an incorrect selling price. In that case Fie & Vic will adjust the price as soon as possible. The actual colour of the products can differ from the colours shown on computer screens. Fie & Vic cannot be held responsible for variations in colours as a consequence of the quality of the computer screens. The position and size of the actual applications and/ or sequins on the clothes can differ slightly from the display on the website. Fie & Vic cannot be held responsible for this.

    9. Privacy
    Fie & Vic finds it very important to ensure that all of the consumer’s personal information is treated with the utmost care and security. All personal data disclosed to Fie & Vic will only be used for the handling of the order and will never be made available to third parties.

    10. Questions, comments or complaints
    Fie & Vic strives for customer satisfaction. Do you have any questions, comments or complaints about the products and / or services of Fie & Vic, please let us know via [email protected].